We believe unconnected people are worth connecting. Helping many more step out of anonymity and into community is our dream.

We also believe spiritual infants and toddlers are worth investing in. Helping them grow to maturity and learning to invest in others is our dream.

GroupLife Insider is designed to help people who are serious about building thriving small group ministries that connect people and make disciples in the 21st century.

Connecting people and making disciples in the 21st century requires mastery in four areas. Which do you need help with?

  1. Strategic thinking. Thinking strategically about ministry objectives, deliverables, and action steps will help you design a pathway that leads to your preferred future.
  2. Disciple-making. A broad and expanding awareness of proven strategies will help you develop and provide the essential next steps that make more and better disciples.
  3. Leadership development. Building a thriving small group ministry requires deep knowledge of how to identify and develop leaders of leaders. It also requires keen insight into the strategies and practices that expand the leadership base of your ministry.
  4. Understanding the times. Developing empathy for unconnected people will help you design and implement strategies that will naturally appeal to their felt needs and interests.

Do you need this kind of help? GroupLife Insider is here for you!

Here’s what you’ll gain with GroupLife Insider membership.